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Geek, Red, Orange, Gay

I don't know what Zuckerberg did, but he has really gotten George Soros' pants in a bunch (a sensation I'm guessing Soros hasn't experienced for over a decade now). Soros wants Zuck removed from control of Facebook. He seems to think Zuck is using Facebook as a Trump re-election platform. If I had to guess, Soros is upset that he can't corrupt Facebook. The idea that anything in Silicon Valley is pro-Trump is absurd, but then again, do any of us know anything of what really happens in Silicon Valley? And let's face it, Soros is apparently the mastermind of many nefarious efforts to undermine western culture. If anyone knows a clandestine political operation when he sees it, it's him.

I wonder if Soros has any input on the AirBnB scandal that has begun to roil London. Wired magazine ran a long essay on it. I haven't read all of it, opting instead to focus on the scandal part that involves the Catholic Church. Based on the sub-title of the essay ("The curious tale of a man called Christian, the Catholic church, David Schwimmer's wife, a secret hotel and an Airbnb scam running riot on the streets of London") the Church plays a big role in the scandal. Foolish me. A Catholic diocese apparently sold (250-year lease) a piece of real estate to a developer who is now involved at some level in the scam. That's it.

It's obviously outrageous that Wired even mentions the Catholic Church in the title, but magazines need to sell stories and nothing sells like the Catholic Church. Anytime a publication can reference the Church in connection with a negative news piece, you can assume it will.

The black vote is looming large in 2020. The mayor of South Bend is having troubles with black voters. The article even admits at one point that Pete's sexual orientation might be playing into it. Based on what I know about black voters, Pete's sexual orientation is playing into it big time. In a related note, Trump thinks he has a chance at getting a decent slice of the black vote, and I've seen ancecdotal evidence along the same lines. It'd be interesting to see how the black vote shakes out in a Pete v. Donald fight. We'd probably see the biggest Republican vote among blacks since Reconstruction.