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Murder in Hollywood Hills

Death is always tragic, but some deaths provide a lot of unfortunate humor material. "Playboy model-turned-Hollywood sex therapist Dr. Amie Harwick murdered by ex-boyfriend who threw her off third floor balcony' - two weeks after his restraining order expired". The implication is that the boyfriend wouldn't have thrown her off the balcony if the restraining order was still in place, even though it appears he forced his way into her house. Ya gotta love such confidence in our judicial systems. If only we had gotten a restraining order on bin Laden.

Playboy-model-turned-sex-therapist? I can't figure out whether that's the perfect career transition or a conflict of interest.

She also authored The New Sex Bible for Women. At age 38, she was probably nearing her prime as an author, so this loss is particularly troubling for the literary establishment. I looked at the book's Amazon page but I had to close it quickly, lingering only for four hours. The cover photo of the book is NC-17, the chapter titles not much better, and the "Customers who viewed this item also viewed" selection made me despair of humanity.

The accused ex-boyfriend, incidentally, is a rabid Trump hater and leftist. No shocker there, of course, but I thought it warranted mentioning. His Twitter account, incidentally, is unintentionally funny in its political statements. We aren't dealing with a deep and contemplative thinker at any level, it would appear.

You'd expect more from a future Hollywood film.