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Sleeping with Others

It appears nearly 25% of married couples don't sleep with each other anymore, opting instead for separate beds. The phenomenon goes to the upper echelons of society: "From Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip to reports that President Donald Trump and Melania Trump sleep separately."

Of course, I wouldn't be anxious to sleep with Queen Elizabeth either. Or Phillip or Donald for that matter. Melania . . . Well, I'm happily married, so we'll leave that hypothetical on a slab of rock, exposed, to die a slow death.

It sounds like more people in Russia, however, will be sleeping together: A Russian court on Monday imposed 6-18 year jail terms against seven left-wing campaigners after finding them guilty of terrorism charges, a ruling decried by the Kremlin's critics who said the activists had been framed and some tortured. But hey, if they're leftists, they probably decry binary culture, so it shouldn't be too awful.

I have no opinion, incidentally, about whether they were framed, though, to be honest, my gut tells me they were tortured. It's a grand Russian tradition.

And speaking of bed partners and non-binary culture: Teenaged Pete Buttigieg Won a National Essay Contest by Praising Proud, Courageous Socialist Bernie Sanders. Politics, the old saying goes, makes odd bed partners. And in Pete's case, the oddness is apparently layered.