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Miscellaneous Rambling

Blasted snow! I was supposed to go to Hillsdale College to watch Meg introduce a speech by Jacob Howland. Alas, the second winter storm of 2020 sidelined me. Curses, curses, and more curses. As of this writing, I don't know how her introduction went or how she enjoyed the lecture.

The lecture was "Kierkegaard. Divine Word. Human Chatter." That wasn't the exact title. Maybe it'll become the subject of Imprimis and I can read it.

The current issue of Imprimis is about the need to establish another branch of the armed forces: a space force. I intuitively bristle at the suggestion, but I'm wholly ignorant on the subject. Who knows, maybe people are proposing to bring the troops back home and concentrating resources in outer space. That wouldn't be a wholly bad thing. At least the first part. I have that issue sitting on my desk at work. I need to read it.