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Whew. The new-year blitz is over. Three closings in 12 days. For the non-lawyers out there: Closings are when a business or piece of real estate changes hands. First, you sign a purchase agreement. Then the buyer does his due diligence and various other negotiations and issues are addressed. Then you close. Closings are the transactional attorney's equivalent to a trial. Pretty much everything stops for a closing. On the days leading up to a closing, it's not unusual to get over 100 emails from the various parties: the lender, the lender's attorney, the other party's attorney, the title company, the closing agent, the surveyor, etc. Such frenzied activity pretty much makes it impossible to deal with any other matters, so you have to work late to return other clients' emails, plus you have your regular appointments, etc.

In short, closings are hard, so three of them over nine business days was brutal. Fortunately, all of them went well. Few things are worse than a closing that starts to blow up at the 11th hour: the tension, the arguing, the threats of taking it to the judge. It is, in short, awful, but none of that happened in my closings this year.

And now, I can focus on other things.

Like this blog.

I have a few aims for 2020, and one of them is to improve this blog and gradually shift the audience to The Weekly Eudemon blog site. In blog years, TDE is older than dirt, and it's showing its age with lots of technical problems that can't be fixed without a major overhaul and expense. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be willing to pay the $150 a year to keep it going and, honestly, I half-expect it to collapse altogether some day. So if that happens, and you try to come here and can't get through, go to The Weekly Eudemon blog site. The content is nearly identical.

I hope everyone's 2020 is going well.