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What happened Sunday night?

Gervais' monologue blew me away. What blew me away even more: quite a few cheers from the audience. More groans than cheers? Possibly, but quite a few cheers nonetheless.

Joe Rogan observed recently that Hollywood has no soul, and Hollywood is slowly coming to the realization that "Go woke, go broke" is a very real thing.

I also know the streaming services are putting an enormous pinch on the big screen.

And I know at least half of the American public doesn't share the woke vision.

Was Gervais encouraged to let loose like that on the Woke Left? Was it an attempt by Hollywood to gain a measure of credibility with the general public?

Perhaps I'm just smokin' crack.

But I also know this: Hollywood is a master of deception. If any industry could pull off such a thing, it'd be the Whores of Mulholland.