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I was reading David Mikics biography of Jacque Derrida. He points out that the first large urban civilizations–like Babylon and Egypt–“used writing as an elite mechanism for social control. The secrets of the realm remained in the hands of the few who had knowledge of script.”

Did universal literacy eliminate this? Maybe in part. But it's still there.

Have you ever considered proper grammar? All those rules? I'm something of a grammar-phobe, albeit an imperfect one. I'm the kind of bastard that corrects my kids when they say “He is taking Fred and I to the store.” Is that a way of setting oneself apart?

Perhaps, but there's no social control associated with it. Just debased snobbery.

What about wokeness? Woke language? Michael Malice points out in his new book at the SJWs are constantly changing the lingo and everyone goes along because, by using it, you're signaling that you're on the correct side of society.

But is it a matter of social control? Is the “correct side” the higher social order?

I'm afraid so.

The Left controls the institutional social controls: Education and Media. Now, when I say “institutional,” mean the “big.” Left is big. Sure, it doesn't control talk radio. It doesn't control every website. It sure as heck doesn't control the podcast universe.

But big institutions?

Big is Left.

Why else would ESPN get political like it was during the teens, at a time when the country was particularly politically polarized? Fundamental common sense would tell you that, if you take a side in the political debates, you would alienate half of your viewership . . . AND YOU'RE A SPORTS NETWORK. But they did and started alienating viewers, so much so they basically apologized last May and said they'd stop.

But why did they start?

Because ESPN is part of Disney. It's a syllogism that you should never forget: Disney is big ($100 billion in assets; 200,000 employees). Big is left. Therefore, Disney is left.

By using the woke language, you're signaling that you're part of the Left . . . which is the same thing as saying you're part of the elite. It's important. It's cowardice, too, but it's also important for your career, your prospects, your income, your family.

If you're in ancient Babylon and you want to get your family that nice house on the Euphrates, you'd learn how to write. In America 2020, you keep current with the newest SJW jargon.