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Office Party Night

Office party tonight. There'll be a lot of drinking and, no doubt, the stereotypical office party drunken antics, including the woman who drinks too much, flirts outrageously with the boss, then goes home with him, leaving me to deal with the fall-out later. Fortunately, that woman is my wife and I'm that boss.

I'm in charge of the specialty drink and games. I'm making Electric Lemonade: two parts squeezed lemons-limes, three parts simple syrup, three parts vodka, two parts blue curacao. Pour in a glass over ice, about 2/3rds of the way. Top with 7-Up. It's good stuff.

I'll be drinking quite a bit of it. Partly because I normally enjoy the office party, partly because I enjoy the holidays, and partly because I'm really stoked at the vote results yesterday in Britain. Wow! I bought quite a few British stocks earlier this year. Their performance has been middling. I'm looking for that to change, even if there might be a choppy spell when Brexit actually takes place.

Others will be drinking quite a bit, too. Over the past seven years, our office has undergone a severe youth movement. Ten years ago, I was the youngest person in the office. Now I'm the third oldest. I enjoy the status, even if it comes with a touch of "old guy" reverence (or snickers). I remember one secretary two years ago who was amused that I had a Twitter account. She apparently didn't think I would know what Twitter was, much less have an account (or three accounts that I (or so) deftly toggle among to post to different audiences).

Fortunately, none of them will be drinking tequila. Things get out of hand fast when tequila enters the room. I don't know if it's the agave or in the simple fact that you drink it aggressively. If the latter, maybe these new straws will help moderate the intake: Jose Cuervo creates sustainable drinking straws from agave fibres. (For the record: I realize the straws aren't meant for drinking the tequila, but rather, are a way to make money from the agave waste after squeezing the agaves.)

Everyone enjoy the weekend.