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Hungry Like the Wolf

When conservationist efforts are too successful . . . or too ideological. I can guarantee you this is a war between Seattle and eastern Washington.

The wolves, nearly nonexistent in the northwestern state for almost a century, have grown in numbers about 28% each year since 2008, about a decade after they were introduced to Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. By late last year, Washington had at least 126 wolves and 27 packs.

The wolves' resurgence has brought cheers from conservationists, who view them as symbolic, charismatic creatures that can improve the state's ecosystems and jeers from ranchers and livestock owners, who see them as killers that threaten their livelihoods.

Burning Man Year 1

I've long been interested in Burning Man, so I was pleased to see these early pics emerge.

I had been working in the American West for well over a decade when, on Labor Day weekend in 1987, I stumbled across an artists event in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. A group of people in color-coordinated outfits were playing croquet with 6-foot balls, 15-foot wickets, and mallets in the form of pickup trucks with tires mounted on the front. The event was called Croquet X Machina and planned with great attention to detail with one oversight: The organizers hadn't anticipated the desert's fierce winds, which turned the game into chaos. Two years later, the artists came back with an event called Ya Gotta Regatta. Everyone brought kinetic sculptures that responded to the wind”…–”…oversize chess pieces with sails, suspended balloon works. Of course, there was not a breath of wind the entire weekend. The event was a bust.

When I went out to Black Rock Desert on Labor Day the next year, I didn't run across anything. But the year after that, 1991, another group of artists showed up with a huge wooden sculpture of a man they planned to set on fire. The original Burning Man had been held at Baker Beach in San Francisco for several years, but this was the first sanctioned event to take place on the desert playa.

San Fran

Don't crap where you sleep. Let the homeless do it for you and don't stop them.

I think "homeless" must be the disfavored part of the binary that has to be inverted in their favor. Could you imagine if they were fat homeless? They'd really be cherished by the Left.

San Francisco, Hostage to the Homeless: Failure to enforce basic standards of public behavior has made one of America's great cities increasingly unlivable.

Sigh. My Michigan

Why not LGBTQ Homeless Wolf Day?

Legislation introduced by a state senator would replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day in Michigan.