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Taki Thursday

Gay Penguins?

Yes, of course. This Daily Wire (Ben Shapiro) article is annoyed that the SJWs have misappropriated penguins to advance their alphabet cause (LGBTQUIA . . .), but I say, "The penguins be your poster child." If the reasoning is, "Penguins do it, so it's alright for humans to do it," then let's see penguin sexuality in all its gore. Caution: That link has very graphic sexual descriptions.

A London aquarium has announced that two lesbian penguins will resist traditional sexual stereotypes while raising their adopted chick. Four-month-old baby Gentoo will be “the world's first penguin to not have its gender assigned,” Sea Life London exulted.

The Absurd Vaping Crisis

When will Americans grow tired of getting duped by sudden "crises"? Every crisis, from war to vaping, is always an attempt by government to increase its reach. Always. That doesn't mean its an insincere or even a bad reach (though I obviously incline toward the latter), but it is a reach. This is Matt Walsh:

The media and politicians tell us there is a "crisis," an "epidemic," an "outbreak," even a "catastrophe" gripping our country. Worse yet, our children – think of the children! – are caught in the middle of it. The disaster is so very disastrous that the White House is leaping into action.

President Trump has announced that his administration will move for a ban on flavored e-cigarettes. Yes, vaping. Vaping is the crisis. Vaping is what threatens to bring about armageddon if we do not act.

The Week that Perished

Jim Goad's column might be the best weekly column out there. Unfortunately, his humor is, ahem, aggressive. Click over at your own risk.

What was once intended as a bold and sexually revolutionary movement empowering women to cast aside the rusty shackles of sexual slavery, unsavory male body odor, and inappropriate comments of a lascivious nature has now backfired and threatens to render women–especially the attractive ones–unemployed and turning tricks inside the dumpster behind the local Wendy's.

That's right–a recent study from researchers at the University of Houston surveyed 152 men and 303 women about their feelings regarding workplace sexual harassment, which kind of makes you wonder if the researchers weren't a little bit kinky themselves. It found that in the frigid aftermath of #MeToo, three out of five men said their fears of being falsely accused of sexual assault had increased. One in five men said they were now more reluctant to hire attractive women–especially for jobs involving close interaction, such as traveling together–and nearly one in three said they avoided one-on-one meetings with female coworkers. Great job, ladies. In the name of “progress,” you've created a world where everyone is horny and celibate and psychotic.

A Country for Old Men

Another article from Taki. Steve Sailer consistently unearths interesting angles and facts.

Broadly speaking, sub-Saharan Africa tends toward gerontocratic cultures in which men are deemed to deserve to accumulate power, money, and wives by outliving their rivals.

It's no continent for young men.

Why Africa is so biased against the young is uncertain. One theory is that in a region besieged by diseases such as malaria, the sexiest attribute in a husband is a strong immune system, which is most convincingly demonstrated by not dying.

In any case, this leaves Africa an unappealing place for young men, of which, however, the continent is lavishly supplied.

Not surprisingly, African young men sometimes run amok, such as the Boko Haram militia in the Sahel that kidnaps schoolgirls.

Dalrymple on Vulgarity

I think Dalrymple has lost a bit of his shine over the years, but he's always worth reading . . . or at least skimming.

Mr. Grant's adoption of gutter language is in my view very significant, much more significant in the long term than Brexit or the actions of the current prime minister. It points to the complete cultural degeneration of a nation that, insofar as it has an ideology at all, has made vulgarity posing as egalitarianism its ideology.