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This is the best of American wine country

This boutique hotel in Northern Michigan features just 32 guest rooms in a lakeside setting that'll make you feel like you're stepping back into the early 20th century. Nearby Walloon Lake Winery is one of many options in the Petoskey Wine Region.

Armed Horse Robbery

Mackinac Island, or Michigan's go-to destination for fudge and vacation relaxation was the fifth most violent city in the state, ahead of Flint, according to the FBI's 2016 crime statistics released earlier this month.

Channeling Wilt Chamberlain

Famed director Joel Schumacher, the maker of such 1980s hits like "St. Elmo's Fire" and "The Lost Boys," as well as 1990s duds like "Batman & Robin," shocked the public this week when he claimed to have had up to 20,000 sexual partners in his lifetime.

How Stalin's daughter became a Catholic

From childhood, she was Svetlana Stalina, the only daughter of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. Later, she took her mother's name, and later still, while living in the United States and upon marrying an American, she became Lana Peters.

Born in 1926, she grew up in an atmosphere where God was never mentioned. Her father ruled over a Communist Party and government that did its best to minimize religion's role in people's lives–or use it to advance communist ideology.

In the long run, however, that temporal power was not stronger than the example of Stalin's Georgian mother–Svetlana's paternal grandmother.

Goat Whackers

So why is there so much demand for goat grazing? For consumers, there's still a novelty factor and the constant search for ways to be greener. Goats do emit methane, a greenhouse gas, but – unlike machines – they don't consume fossil fuels. And as Jenny Gardiner, a satisfied customer, wrote in the Charlottesville Daily Progress in 2013, watching “goats munching away at ugly weeds has been downright soothing.”