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Winos Once Every Two Weeks

ed wine is good for gut health and can lower cholesterol, but you only need it once a fortnight, a new study has found.

The first major research of its kind found significantly higher diversity of friendly bacteria in the gut among red wine drinkers, but not among drinkers of white wine, cider or beer.

PSA: The Ultimate Guide to Jell-O Shots

It may be an emblem of Mardi Gras and Spring Break, but we say all summer long is a great time to get back in touch with that classic college drink: the Jell-O shot (which is technically the proper spelling). It's also appropriate for tailgating season”¦

Drink Until You Glow

On the heels of the success of HBO's hit show “Chernobyl,” scientists working in the area have developed a vodka made from grain and water from the contaminated exclusion zone.

The team of researchers, who have been studying the exclusion zone and its recovery from the 1986 accident, formed The Chernobyl Spirit Company to sell their product. Only one bottle has been created so far, but it was recently put to the test at Bar Swift in London. “It's more of a grain spirit than a vodka, so it has much more fruity notes; you can still taste the rye,” bartender Sam Armeye told the BBC.

Everything You Need to Know about Mezcal

For a moment it seemed that mezcal's popularity might be its undoing. With dozens of varieties of agave being distilled across Mexico–from the high forests of Oaxaca to the dusty wilds of Durango–there are thousands of permutations possible. Bottlings differ in flavor, depending on the variety and age of the source plant, the fickle wild yeasts that jump-start fermentation, and whether the roasted-agave juice was fermented in pine, clay, or cowhide. The resulting elixir can taste of pine, citrus, herbs, tropical fruits, or minerals, depending on the inexhaustible variables.

A Unique Mojito

Blend the rum, mint, lime juice and simple syrup instead of muddling and shaking them, then class it up by topping the drink with brut Champagne instead of club soda. The signature cocktail is available for $23 on the menu at the resort's Main Bar and Beach Club.

Las Vegas: Best Drinking City in the World?

Love it or loathe it, Las Vegas serves the world. Forty-million-plus visitors get pulled into its neon vortex each year–for conferences, card games and, increasingly, cocktails. Gambling, forever the city's lifeblood, has shown signs of fatigue lately as millennials eschew blackjack benders and free booze for more meaningful, or at least Instagrammable, experiences.