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Tips to Return to Serious Reading Again

In 2019, books are not just a last resort when the wifi is down. There are Instagram accounts, podcasts and even subscription boxes dedicated to reading. Chances are you've noticed your friends joining book clubs or posting beautifully lit bookstagram photos. Reading is ”“ if it ever was ”“ cool again.

Why? Perhaps for the same reason we've seen a surge in interest in hobbies such as jigsaws and cross-stitch: right now, our brains are saturated with digital information so it's no surprise that we're returning to unplugged hobbies. (But also going online to talk about them.)

A Blow to the Secular Religious

Justice Samuel Alito, authoring the Supreme Court's majority opinion in the recent case, explained that "established, religiously expressive monuments, symbols, and practices" are now afforded "a strong presumption of constitutionality." That is good news to the citizens of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

Yet Another Pit Bull Attack

Three dogs fatally mauled a 9-year-old girl Monday afternoon on Detroit's west side, authorities said.

Police arrested the dogs' owner, a 33-year-old man, following the 4 p.m. attack in an alley but were still trying late Monday to piece together what happened.

"When we first got on the scene, the girl was laying in the alley, and the father was performing CPR," Detroit Deputy Fire Commissioner Dave Fornell said. "Our first arriving unit jumped in and started CPR.

Shouldn't This Always be the Law?

Under the new rule, officials can deem immigrants seeking to change their legal immigration status and who are enrolled in publicly funded programs such as food stamps and public health insurance as a “public charge,” meaning they will likely use public benefits in the future.

Once labeled a "public charge," immigrants would be denied green cards, visas and other forms of legal immigration status.

First, No Soap and Now This

Most of us would agree that using deodorant is a pretty crucial step to take before leaving your house during these sweltering months. But, according to a shocking new YouGov poll, nearly 40 percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 24 haven't used either deodorant or anti-perspirant in the last month. In fact, 48 percent of them admitted they haven't even bought these products in the last year.

Five Points Redux

Some tiny apartments on the Lower East Side are causing a big stir.

The Department of Buildings busted the setup at 165 Henry Street on the Lower East Side, where inspectors discovered 18 illegal single-room units. The ceiling is as low as four and a half feet in some spots.

The apartments are without windows or proper fire protection systems.