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Great Pics; Great Descriptions

There was once a time in Detroit when craft cocktail bars were so few and far between, nearly every one seemed noteworthy. That, thankfully, is no longer the case. With more and more bar-goers developing a palate for crafty drinks, bartenders are responding with ever higher levels of quality and creativity.

The cocktail heatmap highlights hot, new cocktail destinations (bars and restaurants under a year old or ones that have made a significant recent change to their menus). Visit the essential bars map for an introduction to Detroit's more established guard. Below find 11 drinking hotspots for summer from margarita bars to rooftop cocktail lounges. Here's a guide to the cocktail destinations of the moment.

Yield Curves Flashing Recession? No Problem

Boozing Through Bad Times

Consider switching from top shelf to well liquor. Johnny Walker and McCormick's taste exactly the same after the 20th round.

Cut down on non-essentials. Like vermouth. And olives. And glassware.

Winery Built by Crusaders Discovered

On a Galilean mountaintop, in about 1150, King Baldwin III stopped grousing at his mother, Queen Melisende of Jerusalem, and built a castle in the village of Mi'ilya, from which he sought to consolidate his shrunken share of the Frankish Crusader kingdom in the Holy Land. Almost 900 years later, residents of this village have come together in a unique venture spearheaded by a local archaeologist, to fix and restore the dangerously crumbling castle. In parallel, next door to the castle, a curious gas-station owner named Salma Assaf privately funded an excavation beneath her house ”“ leading to the discovery of what may have been the biggest winery in the Crusader world.

Give Us More Homeless!

An 85-year-old Virginia law that allows alcoholics to be labeled “habitual drunkards” and locked up if found with liquor is unconstitutional, a Richmond-based federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

In a landmark decision involving four homeless men, a divided 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the 1934 law as overly vague and a violation of the U.S. Constitution's Eighth Amendment ban on “cruel and unusual punishment” for criminalizing addiction.

Did Those Guys Even Shower?

According to The Blast, GUNS N' ROSES has reached a deal to drop the lawsuit against a company it claims has been selling a knockoff beer named after the band.

Canarchy Craft Brewery Collective had allegedly been selling a beer called Guns 'N' Rosé through its portfolio of craft breweries, which includes Oskar Blues Brewery. In addition, the band claimed the company had been selling hats, t-shirts, pint glasses, stickers, buttons, and bandannas with the Guns 'N' Rosé name on them.

Gin Herbs

What distinguishes one gin from another? It's all down to the botanicals–the herbs, roots, and plants that lend the spirit their own distinct character. Juniper is mandatory, giving every gin that unmistakable, piney scent. But from there, anything goes.

Many classic London Dry gins count botanicals in the single digits. Tanqueray has four; Beefeater, nine. The Botanist, made on the rugged, wild island of Islay, off Scotland's west coast? Thirty-one–twenty-two of which are foraged right from the island.