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Miscellaneous Rambling

The new podcast is up: Episode 35: Mental Exercise, Predictive Genetics, Hook-Up Software at Ivy

Mental Exercising: Everyone seems to agree: It's crucial we exercise mentally, normally in the form of meditation. Meditation, even the most secular, focuses on taking yourself out of time and space. Why? Time and space are the realm of the bodily. By practicing meditation, by trying to escape time and space, is there an admission that there is, indeed, a spiritual?

Predictive Genetics: The genetics revolution is here. It's scary, scary stuff, and the Chinese don't find it scary at all. The curse of Communism (which compelled Mao to wipe out thousands of years of Chinese tradition and norms) might be preparing to bring its worse harvest of all.

Lightning Segments: Dieting and efficient drinking, Three Dog Night's Chuck Negron at the Rose Bowl, gay Mexicans, more.

Education News: Senior hook-up software program at the Ivies, Detroit Diocese bans Sunday athletics, the farce of a bachelor's degree.


Gretchen Whitmer mocked the idea that her proposal to fix Michigan's roads would require a 20-cent increase on gas (in fact, she was a condescending bitch about it), but now she is proposing a 45-cent increase. Gretchen Whitmer's plan to fix Michigan roads: Nearly triple gas tax.