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Midweek Rambling

I started dieting on January 1st. I dropped from 200 to 190 pounds within weeks. After that, it got hard. Very hard. I was Auschwitzing myself but couldn't drop below 190. After two months of zero progress, I went Bobby Sands for three weeks and dropped to 185. I figured, once I pushed myself off the 190 mark (my "equilibrium weight" or "set point," I assumed), I'd start to shed pounds quickly. But no: I'm still stuck at 185, despite a strict diet (not Bobby Sands, but very strict). It looks like I'll have to battle for every pound until I get to my goal (lose 30 pounds or shed five inches on my waist; whichever comes first).

Wow, the far left knows no bounds . . . and this guy is an elected official: Dem state lawmaker records himself harassing pro-life woman outside Planned Parenthood. Right and Left both have their nuts and their haters, but it seems obvious that only the Left has so many nuts and haters in positions of power or respect. Of course, if you define "Anyone who likes Trump" or "Every serious Christian" as a "nut and hater," then the Right has many such people, but that would be disingenuous. I'm defining "nutty hater" in the sense of the bastard in the video, not every person who is pro-choice or who voted for Hillary.

Finally: Civil appeals court dismisses legal challenge, says Sheen's body can go to Peoria. This passage humored me: "Both the Diocese of Peoria and the Archdiocese of New York have repeatedly voiced prayers that the beatification cause may move forward in a timely manner." It's my understanding that this whole court battle wouldn't have erupted, if New York had just done its job and moved forward with canonization, but it dragged its heels for years, until Sheen's closest relative lost patience. The article says the Vatican has told Peoria it could move forward with canonization even if it doesn't have the body, but I don't think that was the case when the whole fiasco started. If I have my facts straight, shame on New York.