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Life is going to have me in a headlock for the next six weeks. Daughter Meg has 14 functions over the course of 28 days, starting this Saturday. Daughter Tess has her parochial school graduation and a few tennis matches. And, oh yeah, daughter Abbie is getting married in early June. I'm buckling up. Expect a lot of abbreviated posts like this one for awhile.

TIL there was a comic book series chronicling an alternate Superman timeline where he lands in the Soviet Union instead of the United States.

Optimism is lowest in people's twenties, rises steadily into people's thirties and forties, peaks in people's fifties, and gradually declines after that, suggests new research (n=1,169) that charts the trajectory of optimism over the lifespan, which found people experienced peak optimism at age 55.

This three-way chess set I found in my basement. from r/mildlyinteresting