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Miscellaneous Rambling

The new podcast is up: Episode 32: LGBTs in the Work Force, Easter, and College Loan Forgiveness.

Show notes:

LGBT at Work: The Supreme Court has taken three LGBT discrimination cases. It's evidence that Derrida has won: text with no context can be twisted however you want.

Easter: The Resurrection is an historical fact. Shocking claim? Hear me out. Also: Discussion about the Shroud of Turin.

Lightning Segments: Low calorie gin and tonics, Game of Porns, Staring at a Naked Woman, Staring down NOW at the Masters (Note: I don't say “hundreds of thousands” when referring to the men's counter-protest at the Masters . . . I say “hundreds or thousands”).

Loan Forgiveness: Elizabeth Warren's proposal to eliminate student debt is a moral outrage. Her plan to throw even more money at the schools further compounds the problem.

Ceiling. Trastevere

Interesting: Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten rails against homeless anarchy in LA. He lives in Venice Beach, which is where we really noticed the homeless problem (there, and on the opposite side of the metropolis, in Pasadena . . . it's a problem all over SoCal).

The thing is, these aren't mentally ill people. Well, many of them are, but based on what I saw, you could break down the homeless demographic as follows:

20%: Mentally ill
30%: Winos
50%: Flat out bums, young people under age 40 who simply want to live on the street

It's a major problem, but the Left protects the bums, characterizing them all as mentally ill and, therefore, deserving of compassion. The shiftless young, meanwhile, enjoy using the mentally ill as a foil.

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