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Miscellaneous Rambling


When I was in high school, my friends and I went on a Whopper kick. We would sometimes get two Whoppers each. They got theirs with triple ketchup, which was absolutely disgusting, but we were all kind of pigs. Needless to say, my Whopper days are history.

Or so I thought. Plant-based burgers are on the rise and companies are competing to build the most meat-like burger possible. And they're making progress: "fast-growing companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are selling plant-based burgers and other products that taste, look and even feel remarkably similar to conventional meat; starting Monday, Burger King is going to start selling beef-free Impossible Whoppers." Link.


What do you get when you combine a great climate with free government handouts? A bum problem:

In Los Angeles County alone, there are 41,000 transients living on the streets.
And for Rev. Andy Bales of the Union Rescue Mission, he says the homeless crisis has reached a breaking point.
“At this point, I'm very concerned about everyone in L.A. because we've really passed the tipping point of danger because we've left so many people for so many years to be devastated on the streets,” he said.

The thing is, the bums want to be there. Well, a significant portion of them do. Based strictly on what I saw, at least half of the "homeless" are there voluntarily: they're kids who don't want to get a job. There are definitely a large number of mentally ill, too, but we can't institutionalize them, so they get to make up their minds too: and they choose to live on the streets. So, the vast bulk of the people want to be on the streets. What do you do about that? Well, the choices are pretty obvious: (1) Honor their wish, (2) lock them up for vagrancy (impractical), or (3) make it uncomfortable to be homeless: no more handouts, and definitely no more government "entitlements."

Yeah, I know. I'm living in a pipe dream.