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Miscellaneous Rambling

New TWE episode posted this weekend: Episode 27: Postmodernism and a Soviet Philosopher, Postmodernism and Brahman, Stylites. Click the link to listen, or go to Stitcher, iTunes, etc. It's also posted below in a Youtube format.

Postmodernism: That's a pretty big umbrella of thought. Please excuse my broad–sloppy–use of the term.
Standpoint Epistemology: You know why whites can't think like blacks, and men like women, or cis like queers? Because a Soviet philosopher told them it's so.
Act = Brahman: Think hard about the verb “act.” It might be a word that Derrida himself couldn't deconstruct. I'm not sure it's defined by reference to something else. It might stand on its own, like the Hindu/Buddhist Brahman. I flush it out here.
Praxeology: That Brahman stuff is my attempt to slip some von Misesian thought into the postmoderns.
Lightning Segments: Mindfulness, drinking cities, essential oils, more.
The Stylites: Living on pillars in the late Roman Empire.
Ceiling. Trastevere

I've been trying to read more lefty publications lately. Slate is one of my favorites. The prose is superb . . . and the ideas so firmly leftist, I find it enlightening. Exhibit A: "Joe Rogan's Galaxy Brain: How the former Fear Factor host's podcast became an essential platform for “freethinkers” who hate the left." It's a must-read if you like Joe Rogan (I kind of like him, but he's increasingly a must-hear). The article notified me that Rogan interviewed "the 'Sokal Squared' academic hoaxsters Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay." I was like, "No way! I love that story," so I listened to it this weekend. It's episode 1191 (October 30, 2018). Highly recommended. I plan on incorporating it into my podcast, but I'm not sure how yet. I'll probably use some script from the fat-shaming discussion that starts at 1:10:45.