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Revenge Tuesday

Few days feel as long as Tuesday. On Monday, most everyone is taking it easy, trying to ease into the week. But on Tuesday? It's just a work day, with many more coming. We found this on MSN's homepage yesterday and thought we'd pass it along:

Put-upon employees have exacted revenge through the following means:

Had subscriptions to fetish magazines sent to the office in their bosses' name.

Stole the boss's clothes out of his locker while he was taking a shower at the corporate fitness center.

Got into the boss's e-mail, found a message she had written calling the president of the company a dork, and sent it to everyone in the office ... including the president.

A woman who was tired of her manager taking credit for her ideas (and aware he couldn't tell a good idea from a bad one) let her boss steal several great ideas, then slipped in five that were so bad the boss was demoted.

A vice president whose ego was far larger than his own stature was furious when he found out days later that staff members changed his office caller I.D. to appear as Lord Farquaad, the 4-foot-tall evil ruler from the movie Shrek.

Then there were the direct reports who decided to give their cheapskate boss his comeuppance by mocking up a $500 gift certificate to an expensive restaurant and sending it with a letter saying he was the winner of a promotional event. He invited friends, ran up a $600 bill, and then was told the restaurant would not accept the fake certificate.