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Waiting for Scott

A San Quentin inmate sent an open letter to Scott Peterson. LINK. Said the letter writer, "As for killing his wife, that's his business – but for killing that child, well, he gots to suffer for that."

Good luck with that, Scott.

A few interesting asides from the letter:

"Prison ain't nothing – if you're headstrong, you can do this. It's your loved ones who go through it."

"I'm sitting on death row living better than half the world, if not more. How could I complain?"

The writer also says that he and the other inmates don't want sympathy. "Cry for hungry children, AIDS in Africa, tsunami victims, dead immigrants in the Mexican desert, but not for no grown man."

Okay, we won't cry for the men in prison. We never have. We do appreciate hearing from a prisoner who is taking his punishment like a man, though. We're tired of all the whining from prisons these days and even more tired of the rapt-attentioned civil rights advocates who listen.