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Miscellaneous Rambling

New podcast posted: Episode 21: Sex in the Stall, Deconstructionism on Display, Gay Gnostics, Joseph Epstein. Show notes:

Sex in the Stall. A couple allegedly has sex in the bathroom stall at a NFL games. That's unbelievably gross. Deconstructionism is partly to blame. The fact that these people are absolute pigs doesn't help, but deconstructionism feeds them. I explain how.

Communist Gnosticism. Marx, Lenin, and hatred for religion = shuttering of Greek Orthodox Churches in the early USSR. Homosexuality, deconstructionism, and hatred for truth = shuttering of Roman Catholic Churches in contemporary USA?

Deconstructionism. Summarized succinctly. Words carry no meaning. Therefore, anything anybody purports to know is merely what they derive from individual experience: subjectivism. No truth . . . only “truth claims.”

Lightning Segments. Hip and renegades: shaping American culture. More McLuhan.

What TWE is Trying to Do. It started as “messages to my adult children,” but quickly grew. What am I trying to do? Nothing more nor less than imitating the essays of Joseph Epstein and honoring Samuel Johnson's axion: The only end of writing is to allow the reader to better enjoy life.

Ceiling. Trastevere

Of interest: Sacked cardinal (Mueller) issues manifesto in thinly veiled attack on pope

Ceiling. Trastevere

Hey, it's the Feast Day of St. Blaise . . . in the Eastern Orthodox Church. I'm not sure why I find that surprising. I guess I thought St. Blaise was one of those more esoteric saints. I didn't even know he was from Cappadocia, just barely predating Basil and the Gregs (that'd be a cool rock group name).