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Brews You Can Use

Slow drinking news out there these days. There's this: Hill Farmstead Named Best Brewery in the World (Again): For the fifth year in a row, this Vermont brewery takes the top spot. And this news about the Margarita: "The new data from the retail analyst showed the tequila-based drink was the top choice of US consumers, with around 56% picking the classic cocktail. The average price they're prepared to pay for the tippled was was around $9.49, slightly higher than the average cocktail price of $9 ”“ or $8 during happy hour ”“ and higher than the level that most consumers say they're willing to pay for a standard cocktail." Link.

Both are courtesy of The Brutal Hammer of Truth.

But neither beats this personal news: A TDE reader, colleague, and fellow Catholic has procured a few extra bottles of beer from the Monks of Norcia that he has offered to me. I merely have to make arrangements to pick them up . . . and I'm going to buy him lunch (not his requirement, but mine). It's a great deal. This beer has been on my bucket list for years.