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Miscellaneous Rambling

Spring neareth. I walked in 50-degree weather yesterday . . . drizzling rain, but 50 degrees. It felt great.

I also got my first trays for transplanting under the lights last weekend. I planted 32 cells with snapdragon seeds for Abbie's wedding in early June, and I planted 32 cells with Jester lettuce. Jester lettuce, you may recall, was my star performer during last year's early April winter storm. Whereas my attrition rate among the Salanova lettuces was nearly 50%, every single Jester plant came through it unvarnished. It's an amazing lettuce. The good folks at Wild Garden Seed first turned me onto it.

Those good folks also have the best seed catalog. It's a seed catalogue with a touch of literary merit. Definitely recommended.


Rod Dreher semi-reviews the forthcoming bible on American/UK Catholic sociological studies, and he's not optimistic. "This year – 2019 – half of all Catholic priests in America will reach the minimum retirement age of 70. If you are a Catholic, and you are not preparing yourself and your family now for life in the desert, you are wasting precious time. The future of all Christians in post-Christian America is going to be more or less monastic, if it's going to be at all."


This story about an American anarchist getting murdered in Mexico didn't interest me. But what fascinated me was the fact that the other victims Facebooked their plight immediately after the shooting while they were still in danger: Lily and Henza both posted videos to Facebook immediately after the shooting. Lily screamed: “I really need help! Somebody please come.” In his post, a bearded Henza said in a blood-smattered T-Shirt: “We were attacked. I've been shot three times. I'm not doing so good.” Of further interest: The journalist didn't seem to find it interesting that they did so.