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Miscellaneous Rambling

New podcast episode posted: Episode 20: Fulton Sheen, Modernity as Gnosticism, an Apologia. Show notes:

Fulton Sheen. Bishop, Emmy award winner, adviser to the rich and famous, and making serious inroads to canonization thanks to a stunning 2010 miracle (well, they're all stunning, but this one particularly so). And then there's his namesake, Charlie Sheen.
Modernity: Modernity is Gnosticism. John Locke and Materialism, Newton and Empiricism, Mill and Utilitarianism, the politics of Progressivism.
Lightning Segments: Martin Sheen and Dorothy Day and Dostoyevsky; Lesbian remark apologia, using Pineapple Express; E. Michael Jones.

I've been studying postmodernism . . . a lot. Derrida wanted deconstructionism to set people free from all constraints. Shift to 2018: Woman pounds on bathroom stall door because couple inside it are having sex too loudly . . . at a NFL football game. Woman comes out and beats up the woman for complaining. Link. Thanks, Jacques!


I used to be a NFL season ticket holder. I can testify to one thing: those bathrooms are disgusting. I remember wondering how the frick they cleaned those bathrooms after the crowd cleared out and concluding, "They must just come in with a firehose, wearing a hazmat suit, and blast away for 15 minutes, just to get it in halfway decent shape, then send in a regular cleaning crew."


I figured hazmat suits costs thousands of dollars. You can get a cheap one for just $30. Amazon link. I'm half tempted to get one. I think changing diapers would've been a lot easier if I had one of those.