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Midweek Rambling

Tom Woods takes apart the Covington Catholic "news" coverage. I didn't realize Phillips claimed the boys were chanting "Build the wall." I've read enough coverage on both sides of the issue to know that everyone concedes that nobody said that . . . meaning, Phillips lied. He also isn't a Vietnam vet, and he supposedly earlier tried to disrupt a Catholic Mass. I've heard enough at this point. Although I don't really know what happened, I know the fireball reaction this last weekend was ludicrous.

Really, I think the most disturbing thing was the absolute hate-filled rush to judgment, like everybody couldn't wait to pile brimstone on the kids. It's really shocking. I honestly think it comes down to the unfortunate expression on the kid's face. I think it really grated on people. And yeah, the MAGA hats and politically-charged environment that is America today didn't help matters.

Nifty list: 14 foods that naturally Remove toxins from body.

Random Blurb from the Notebooks: SPOILER ALERT (for Brideshead Revisited): Sebastian's drinking worsened until he ended-up in a monastery near Carthage, not as a monk, but as an odd “hanger-on,” a drunken porter, “a joke to the novices.” He was fit for neither the secular world nor the religious world, still pulled in two opposite directions, pathetic by both worlds' standards. But Waugh leaves us with the impression that Sebastian obtained a good life–all ambition thrown aside, still drinking, but at least ashamed of it. He became a man whose vice was permanently affixed to his back, but a man who was becoming holy by carrying it as nobly as possible.

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