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Midweek Rambling

Whew. No energy these days. I think I had touch of stomach flu or something last week. I started feeling better on Sunday, then came down with a migraine on Monday. Yesterday, I was just kinda dragging all day, though I was able to log in a full day of work and a solid exercise session, so I can't complain too much.

If you haven't "followed" or "liked" The Weekly Eudemon Facebook page, give it a shot. I'm now running quotidian quotes, pulling from a huge stable of quotes/passages that I've assembled over the past 25 years. Yesterday's quote: “Every sin, if persisted in, will become heinous.” Samuel Johnson.

Really interesting development in my postmodern studies: One of Derrida's major whipping boys was binaries. "Western thinking, Derrida says, has been founded upon the 'logic' of binary oppositions, such as mind/body, rational/emotional, freedom/determinism, man/woman , nature/culture and one term is always given a more privileged position than its opposite, in a way typical of ideologies." Link. He apparently threw a lot of venom at the mind/body binary, based on what I heard Thaddeus Russell say in his lecture on postmodernism.

Now harken back to something Bishop Morlino once said to me: Descartes' mind-body split has been a catastrophe for western civilization. Those weren't his exact words, but he definitely put Descartes' artificial split in his cross hairs.

Combine that with the Catholic sacramental view of the world.

I'm seeing through a glass darkly . . .