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Another trip to Detroit Thursday. We spent yesterday downtown, exploring the sites. I continue to be impressed.

This time, we ventured to New Center, taking the QLine from the Detroit River through the gut of Woodward Avenue for about two miles to the middle of Detroit.

It wasn't all pretty. Detroit still has a loooooong way to go. That being said, some of the neighborhoods we went through were absolutely crime-ridden just 20 years ago. The mere fact that people are passing through them on a trolley line is a huge improvement. None of the neighborhoods struck me as dangerous and we got off and walked around many of them.

But it's still Detroit, and it still has its, ahem, unsettling denizens. We encountered a few bums, way too many panhandlers, and two nut jobs, one of whom (a broken down, partially-blind African-American in her mid-sixties) berated my sweet daughter Abbie for no reason whatsoever . . . and the management of the establishment where we were eating did nothing to remove the woman, almost like it's a routine occurrence.

So, I recommend Detroit, but beware if you start getting beyond the downtown area. The area just outside of downtown is still a bit sketchy and, of course, if you get way outside of downtown, the neighborhoods become downright dangerous.