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Another Christmas whizzes by. They're getting easier, though. I told my kids that, when they were little, we would finish opening presents and they'd all be standing there, wanting Marie and me to put together or play X, Y, or Z. We then had to play/work for awhile with one, then shift to the other, etc. All that on, like, six hours sleep.

Not now. We got over seven hours of sleep, then opened 100+ presents at a leisurely pace, finished around 10:30, then napped or did whatever for the rest of the day until the evening festivities at my mom's.

Every age of life brings its own blessings and trials, but I really enjoy this Christmas pace more than I did the fevered pace of Christmases past. Those were great, too, of course, with the squealing kids too excited to sleep, thinking Santa is coming, and in general bouncing off the walls, but my disposition is more geared to the more subdued.

The Christmas celebrations will continue around my house through New Years, so expect slow blogging.

Have a great Feast of St. Stephen.