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Miscellaneous Rambling

Freaked out by the stock market and what it portends? Don't forget what the economist Paul Samuelson said, "The stock market has correctly forecasted eight of the last four recessions."

Not an exact quote, but close . . . and funny.


I read last weekend that a recent study found that reading for six consecutive minutes reduces stress by as much as 50%. I've started to make myself sit down, with my door shut, at a desk, and read a serious book for at least ten minutes straight every day (20-30 minutes on the weekends). Based on my preliminary results, I suspect that stress study is accurate.

I also think it's a small piece of medicine against the self-inflicted attention deficit disorder that many of us suffer from these days because of the Internet.


I've always got a kick out of William Shatner. I don't know much about him, but he always struck me as a straight-shooter. This article about him has all sorts of mildly interesting stuff, ranging from the fact that he has released a Christmas music album named "Shatner Clause" to his observation that the #metoo movement may have had legitimacy at one point but now it has gone completely off the hinges, much like the French Revolution.