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The Cell Phone Virus

The technology goes faster and faster and the scams mount higher and higher. LINK

How do you become Amish?

"Several security officials told me that a scam artist could write a worm that invades your phone, waits patiently until 4 a.m., then makes an hourlong call to an overseas phone-sex line that bills you by the minute. Sure, you could call your mobile carrier and plead that you didn't make the call, but you'll just seem like another in-denial porn hound. Pay up, pervert. Of course, once the scam became public, the FBI or some other government agency could try to shut the phone line down. But a scam like that only needs to operate for an hour to collect plenty of phone fees. And if the line is located in Russia or China–where most of today's criminal viruses emerge–it could be almost impossible to shut it down quickly."