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More NBC

Readers of TWE might remember this earlier post:

“A recent study says that NBC is by far the worst network when it comes to treating religion negatively. From September 2003 to September 2004, it had 9.5 negative treatments of religion for every positive one. Of the other networks monitored (ABC, CBS, Fox, PAX, UPN and WB-NBC), Fox was second with 2.4, about one-fourth of NBC's rate. Readers may also recall the insulting February 22, 2005 episode of Committed, which treated the entire concept of the Eucharist as a joke. Committed runs on NBC.”

Now this interesting bit:

NBC will run "Revelations,” a drama inspired by the New Testament's Book of Revelation about a Harvard professor who teams with a nun to try to stop what they believe is the beginning of Armageddon. LINK

Great. More slams and insults? It's hard to believe NBC knows anything about Christianity, much less Catholicism and nuns. In their humility, they'll probably consult some ex-nuns as technical experts.

From the same article, comes this good news: NBC “needs a programming miracle. The network's ratings have fallen 14 percent this season -- more than any competitor -- among the young adults whom advertisers pay premium rates to reach. Ranked No. 1 among young adults last season, NBC is trailing in fourth place now. That could have a big effect on the network's bottom line later this spring, when it starts selling advance advertising spots for the 2005-06 season.”