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Brews You Can Use: Special Black Wednesday Edition

Black Wednesday arriveth. The biggest bar night of the year. The Top 10 Reasons Black Wednesday is The Drinking Night:

10. College kids return home.
9. Elementary school kids have only a half day.
8. Four days to recover from the hangover.
7. Four days to recover from a hangover sounds great at 10:30.
6. Lots of Detroit Lion fans drowning their shame.
5. Lots of non-Lions fans celebrating that they're not Lions fans.
4. Thanksgiving Dinners feature family hodgepodges that are dreaded, which cause drinkers to figure, "This is the best part of the four-day weekend. I might as well make it good."
3. People are just really, really, really thankful.
2. Old friends + good family = lots of booze.
1. Momentum: Black Wednesday has become a tradition, with an expectation of ample lubrication. The momentum builds on itself.

The names for Thanksgiving Eve keep accumulating. I've now seen it referred to as "The Biggest Bar Night of the Year," "Black Wednesday," "Blackout Wednesday," "Drinksgiving," "Wacky Wednesday," and "Awkward Wednesday." I'm not sure I understand that last name, but there you have it . . . according to Wikipedia, which now sports a Black Wednesday entry. It's a short and kind of interesting entry, albeit apparently written by someone who hasn't exactly mastered English prose.