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More Miscellaneous Rambling

If you haven't heard, it's election day. Get out and vote. The more people that vote, the more people that vote. Somehow, that's supposed to be a good thing, though for the life of me, I can't figure out why. I've never understood the rationale that it's important for people to vote, even back before my libertarian days. What's it matter?

Ah, that's right: it encourages the politicians.


This is kinda scary: The banana is dying. The race is on to reinvent it before it's too late. A fungus is spreading across the world, killing the kind of banana that is provided so cheaply to us year-round. They think they can work around it, but my anti-GMO colleagues are winning the ideological fight, so such work-arounds are being stuffed. But the new science of gene editing might be politically possible and scientifically sufficient to save the fruit that has done so much to keep my household food budget at reasonable levels for the past 20 years.


Gene editing, btw, is different that gene modification. When they gene edit, they are merely deleting genes, not adding or changing genes. That, anyway, is my understanding . . . and pretty much the sum total of my knowledge on the topic.