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All Saints Rambling

Well, trick-or-treating is over: 25 years. Over. And I must say: I'm okay with it. I thought I'd be melancholy, but I guess that, after hauling seven kids around for a quarter-century, I got my fill. I would've been happy to do one final round, but Therese, age 13, takes after her namesake and is a bit tall . . . and looks more like a young lady than a toddler. She simply didn't want to go and I couldn't blame her.

The fact that I didn't feel melancholy makes me wonder if there's a "saturation" point, a point at which you don't particularly miss parenting things. For instance, older adults always tell me I'll miss the years when my kids are in high school, going to their activities, etc. I don't think I will (I know I sure as heck don't miss Little League or youth soccer or football). But maybe that's because my number of kids hit one's natural limit.

Put another way, if I had only two kids, maybe I wouldn't have gotten my fill, so I'd be melancholy as the events come to a close. It's impossible to say. Either way, I welcomed the opportunity to go to Mass last night and didn't miss the trick-or-treating one iota, even though it's something I really enjoyed when I wore a younger dad's clothes.

Welcome to All Saints Day. Today and tomorrow ("Festivus for the Rest of us") are two of my favorite feast days.

So I launched a fairly aggressive Facebook ad campaign for The Weekly Eudemon. Then realized a few hours later that I have a typo in the ad. Freakin' embarrassing and frustrating . . . so frustrating, in fact, that I know November 2nd is my future feast day and not today.

Just learned while watching the 1970s documentary on Netflix: CBS in the early 1970s had the following Saturday evening line up from 8:00 to 10:00:

All in the Family
Mary Tyler Moore
Bob Newhart Show
Carol Burnett Show

Pretty amazing. I lost a lot of young hours on those shows, especially the first four.

Yesterday morning, I was stepping backward to inspect the back of my law office building, and I unknowingly stepped on this:

It let out a loud hiss. Really freaked me out. Talk about a Halloween incident.