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Miscellaneous Rambling

Man, 7,000 immigrants marching toward America, although it seems pretty clear they know they won't be admitted. It's sad, and I gotta admit: I feel some guilt. If my history is accurate, Honduras was Ground Zero of the U.S. Banana Republics: countries governed primarily to benefit U.S. corporations, without the benefit of the rule of law or without giving priority to local interests (which every government, by virtue of its very existence, is obligated to do). It looks like Honduras never recovered, and these people are paying the price. We have to protect our borders, but geesh. Should we at least acknowledge some blood on our hands? I'm really torn and am open to correction.


This is a kind of interesting piece: Creating the champagne of marijuana in California. It's about the marijuana business and how small growers are preparing to compete with Big Cannabis. It's basically a story that parallels the beer industry: big beer v. craft brewers. Craft brewers focus on making high quality beer, while the big boys concentrate on marketing.


This looks like it could've come straight out of the Shire:

Breton architecture in #France
— European Beauty (@MagicalEurope) October 22, 2018