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"The question is: When they have naked dancers, how is it sanitary to eat food?"

That's not a question I ask myself very often, but it's the focus of this article out of Toledo.

The conclusion: Food a strip clubs is safe because the clubs assiduously follow the rules.

I have no grounds to dispute it, but the mere fact that the food preparation complies with the health department regulations doesn't satisfy it for me. If you have naked bodies shaking inches from your food, common sense would dictate that it's not a good arrangement. I seriously doubt it's much of a risk, but still. A little disgusting. And when you think about this recent article, Hand dryers suck in fecal bacteria and blow it all over your hands, study finds, you just wonder about such things in general.

Hey, there's a sucker born every minute: Texas bar owners launch a line of beer for dogs.

Within weeks of their launch, all three flavors of their beer – IPA Lot in the Yard, Mailman Malt Licker and Session.squirrel! – are available in 15 bars throughout the city, including Front Porch Pub and FM Kitchen and Bar, for a recommended price of about $5 a can. And they're getting requests to ship cans across the country.
“Everyone likes the idea of having a beer with their dog, you know?” says Steve, who is 41. Still, while the Longs saw the potential in their brew from the very beginning, they had no idea it would take off so quickly.

Dog lovers often consider their dogs as their children, but if I have a beer with my children, I get arrested.