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Circus Day

C-SPan starts coverage at 9:45. I'm ashamed to admit, I wish I could watch . . . and I might end up streaming it from my computer at work for a little while. This is nothing but soap opera dressed up as politics. Or to draw from Russell Kirk, it's something for the uneducated dressed up as something for the quarter-educated.

Yesterday's allegations against Kavanaugh, incidentally, are more serious, but weird: "I attended parties where it appears girls were getting gang raped, and I saw him in one of those lines." I honestly don't know what to make of such an allegation, except to point out that time does funny things to a person's memory, as does fevered ideology. That's such an amorphous claim from so long ago, I wouldn't be surprised if she actually believes it at some level. ("Well, those parties occurred . . . in that geographic area . . . and he probably ran around with some of those guys I saw in line . . . I think he probably was in one of those lines . . .").

Another accuser says Kavanaugh whipped it out at a Yale party. Given the decadence that I hear Ivy League colleges were in the 1980s, I believe it's possible, but again, it was so long ago, I wouldn't be remotely surprised if she's just conflating a bunch of episodes and putting Kavanaugh's, ahem, face on them. Back in the early 1980s, I knew a fun guy who would get drunk at a party, wobble exaggeratedly up to a few girls and slur, "You gals ever see a one-eared elephant?" He'd then pull out one pant pocket and start tugging at his belt buckle. The girls would screech and look away, and he'd just laugh. He never even undid his belt, much less whip it out, but if he were nominated for the Supreme Court, I'm sure at least one girl would recall seeing It.