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I'm not saying teenage antics are irrelevant, but accusations that fall way short of rape that are 35 years old? Come on. And let's be honest: The pound-me-too shifted the social consciousness radically on such things. What would've been deemed acceptable antics in the 1970s-1980s are now considered sexual assault. I remember seeing a guy grope a girl in her privates in the hallway at the middle school in 1979. The girl rightfully smacked him, and then it was over. The guy was a creep, but I don't think it even crossed the girl's mind to go to the administration. I'm not saying those were good times, and I welcome, in part, the corrective offered by pound-me-too movement, but geesh. Drunken-over-the-clothes groping at a teenage party in the early 1980s, when such things were, regrettably, frequent at throw-down parties? When the assailant was probably drunk and inexperienced with alcohol? That's supposed to disqualify a guy from anything in 2018? I suppose he opened himself up to such probing when seeking a public career, but still. It's surreally stupid.