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Brews You Can Use

I have a confession: I've never outgrown drunken hijinks. Sure, I don't have that many myself anymore, but my mind still guiltily goes back in time and recollects some of my more, ahem, immoderate antics and laughs.

I honestly don't know if that's a sin or not: fond recollections of committing sin. My gut says "yes," but I've never looked into it. If I recalled with fondness all the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models I bedded in my teens (I was an early #metoo victim), I would think that would be traipsing in the area of lust. Wouldn't the same apply to laughing about clear violations on the (numerous) injunctions against drunkenness?

I also enjoy hearing about current drunken antics. My son goes to college in Ypsilanti, and he said there's a restaurant called "Stufd" that stays open late to serve drunken college kids. You go to the counter, place your order, give them your name, and come get your food when they scream your name. They would allow customers to give whatever name they wanted, but they had to start insisting on using the customer's real name because the late-night drunks would give a fictitious name but forget it when the food was available. For some reason, that really cracked me up. ("Mr. Magoo [nothing] Mr. Magoo! [nothing] "MR. MAGOO YOUR ORDER IS READY!" Damn. The drunken moron forgot what name he gave us.")