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Brews You Can Use

Three Four cheers for Sam Adams brewery.

1. The Sam Adams Brewery Tour is a "must see" if you're in Boston. Our guide was practically a stand-up comedian. Funny as heck. And informative. Lots of interesting stuff.

2. Liberals are boycotting Sam Adams merely because the founder said the Trump tax act was really going to help their business. That's apparently the entire reason for the boycott. The Left has gotten so loony, a person can't even state a mathematical fact without getting in its cross hairs.

3. The Sam Adams glass. Years ago, the founder went to Belgium on "research." He ordered a beer and the bartender said he couldn't sell it because all the glasses designed for that beer were dirty. Intrigued, the founder asked them to design a glass for Sam Adams Boston Lager. I brought back three of them. They're really cool.

4. I think Sam Adams has me back on the beer horse again. I participated liberally in the free tastings, then shared a pint in the Sam Adams tasting room afterwards, then got another pint at the restaurant down the road. I probably had the equivalent of three beers (four lite beers). And felt great the next morning. I've been speculating that my gluten-intolerance-fueled beer-less diet may have been eliminated by my vegan diet, but I've been scared to test it out. The joyous Sam Adams brewery prompted me to test it out, and the test went great. I'm now slugging back more Sam Adams . . . and so far, it's going well.