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Hump Day Wednesday, Sorry for the Pun

Another priest abuse scandal. Possibly the biggest. I've read only two articles about it so I'm hardly an expert, but this caught my eye: the only victim I saw quoted was 13 when the abuse occurred. For TDE readers who aren't acquainted with homosexuality: that's a classic homosexual attraction. From ancient Greece to Milo, homosexuals like boys around the age of puberty. I know: It's disgusting. And yes, I want to see those priests strung up by their perverse scrotums and beaten with 50 Shades of Grey whips (then again, they might like that). But let's not start calling it pedophilia. That's not what was going on. I haven't seen even 1/10th of 1% of the evidence, but I tell ya: that's not what was going on. Watch this thing unfold, if the press will let you.

I hope TDE readers know how this will play out, but if not, here goes: As the evidence comes out that this is a homosexual predator ring, the media will try to drop it. The Church will want them to drop it. Together, they'll get the attention pushed away to some other distraction before everyone starts to see the only, and extremely politically-incorrect, conclusion that the evidence is going to lead them to.

And then American Church leaders will meet in a big city and punish the laity again by forcing them to attend more training sessions if they want to volunteer at Church and spend time with their kids, then impose regulations on the laity that prohibit a church volunteer with a stainless (if a bit occasionally drunken) record from volunteering to meet at a coffee shop with a group of burly teenage boys, who would rather snap the volunteer's spine than tolerate the faintest gay advance (my one, and final, experience with Virtus). The whole thing is comical. I would say "Comical if it weren't so tragic," but (i) that's cliched writing, and (ii) I'm not sure I see the tragedy (except for the victims).

While stuff like this is unfolding, you have Church leaders attempting to normalize homosexuality. Let's encourage camp fires in California.

All that being said, I would like scrutiny brought on the grand jury report. I honestly can't ever recall indictments going back 70 years. We're talking World War II. I suspect the bulk of the 301 priests are dead or long gone from the priesthood. Why 301 priests? Is there something more damning with, "More than 300 priests"? Why is the media going into such lurid details, when reporting about other sex abuse cases delicately try to shield the victims from undue embarrassment? I will bet everything I own that the overwhelming majority of these incidents took place in the 1960s through 1980s; why no mention of that in the reporting. I haven't seen any media report that, compared to the population at large, the Catholic Church in America has far fewer incidents of sexual abuse of minors. There is something terribly wrong with this grand jury report. Facts don't lie, of course, but people use facts to lie all the time. And when it comes to promoting one's biases, facts without countering facts are the fuel.