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Midweek Rambling

This article does a pretty good job of summarizing why I like Jerry Seinfeld's charmingly-mundane Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. It's not calculating in any way: it's not at all political, which is very nice in this age when most comedians have self-righteously appointed themselves as keepers of correctness. It's not calculating in any way. It's not even calculated to be funny. It's just dudes driving around, talking. When I just want to unplug from the world and stare, it's perfect fare.

When I see crap like this, I would pay good money to sit down with one of the council members and ask him questions. Nothing confrontational, just straightforward questions that explore how he can be such a hypocrite and live with himself: "The Hollywood Walk of Fame still has a star for Harvey Weinstein and convicted rapist Bill Cosby. But yesterday, the West Hollywood City Council unanimously passed a resolution requesting removal of Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star." Via The Loop.

Then again, my alma mater isn't exactly setting the world on fire with its intellectual honesty: Notre Dame Refuses To Revoke Allegedly Predatory Cardinal McCarrick's Honorary Degree. But of course, it wouldn't invite Trump to speak at its graduation ceremony.

I'm making strides toward launching my first podcast. Look for an announcement before Labor Day.

Random Blurb from the Notebooks: This world doesn't need you and God doesn't need you. Both can use you and both want you. But neither needs you; you are, in this sense, superfluous. That's just the way it is. But that's not a bad thing. Always remember this: If that's just the way it is, then it must be good. God makes all things. Because he is perfect and good, everything he makes must be good. Therefore, if something is a certain way (and assuming it didn't get to be that way due to sin), then it is good that it is that way.