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Honey, Who Shrank Our Daughters?

You have a daughter going to college? Check out the last half of this article. It seems things have gotten worse at sororities since Eric Scheske frequented them (heh heh heh) in the 1980s, but the two “eras” aren't much different. Same drunkenness, moral laxity, and (above all and closely intertwined) superficiality; but heightened. Here's an excerpt:

“But sorority life is not all make-overs and trips to the mall. There's a lot of binge drinking. One report, conducted by Harvard University's College Alcohol Studies Program, found that 76 percent of non-binge-drinking high school girls become binge drinkers when they live in a sorority house. Robbins tells of ambulance trips to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, of a sorority pledge class in which each girl is 'required to down an entire pint of Jack Daniel's.' Her gals routinely 'pre-game'–that is, booze up 'before the actual [party] started. ”¦ This way, they saved time, since they didn't have to spend the first hour of an event getting drunk.' There's also a lot of sex, not all of it consensual–one sister in Pledged is date-raped–and eating disorders are epidemic. That urban legend about sorority houses' toilets being so clogged with vomit that plumbers come round to clean up about once a month? Turns out it's true.”