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Well, given the way this season has gone, I guess it's only a matter of time until this beast makes an appearance at the produce site: "The giant hogweed is hard to miss. The monstrous plant towers up to 15 feet tall, with a crown of white flowers the size of an umbrella. . . . But whatever you do, don't touch it. The giant hogweed's toxic sap could give you third-degree burns if you don't get out of the sun and wash it off immediately. Like an anti-sunblock, chemicals in its juices disrupt your skin's ability to filter out harmful UV rays. Get it in your eyes and you could go blind. . . . In addition to that prolific seed-shedding flowerhead, the plant sends down a tuberous root the size of a Volkswagen that can be nearly impossible to dislodge." Link.

Well, I've finally done it. After ten years of mere blogging, I have tried a new medium: vlogging. Video blogging. Two twenty-somethings suggested I give it a try and post them to the Theology on Tap Facebook page. They're pretty easy to do and don't take much time. If you care to check them out, here's the link to our local Theology on Tap Facebook page.

If this heat keeps up, thereby driving me into my basement instead of allowing me to roam the produce site and burn down Hogweed and Co. with my Red Dragon flame eater, I may even get that podcast off the ground at some point. That, however, will take considerably more work. I'm a bit optimistic that I'll get it launched because it appears the podcasting software is getting easier to use. When I tried to launch back in 2015, I was overwhelmed by the technology involved. I was able to master Audacity, but when it came to getting it published, I was beaten down by the mountain of learning I'd have to undergo, so I gave up. There's a new podcast app, called Anchor, that I've started to play with. I doubt it's anything I could use to launch a quality podcast, but I dink around with it occasionally. Here's a sample of something i recorded off Relevant Radio's The Inner Life:

Listen to "On Planting.m4a" from Eric on @anchor:
— MAXimum Greens (@GreensMaximum) July 4, 2018

I've made my kids to listen to that about, oh, two dozen times now. After each listening, I nod my head knowingly then strut off, more smug than the surest once-saved-always-saved Christian.

Random Blurb from the Notebooks: James Schall in Another Sort of Learning starts off with a reference to Eric Voegelin, who is perhaps the leading philosophical historian of the twentieth century. Voegelin once said that it's common for students to go through higher education without ever being confronted with the questions that are most basic to mankind: Why is there something and not nothing? Why is the something as it is and not different?