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Brews You Can Use

God willing, you're reading this after I spent a night of drinking at old haunts along South University in Ann Arbor with Marie, Alex, and Abbie, then crashing at Abbie's before heading back to the second day of my annual Estate Planning and Probate Conference in Detroit.

The plan was to start at The Brown Jug, which is an Ann Arbor icon and a place I frequented a lot back in the 1980s. Funny story: One night after a hitting parties, I got separated from my group and started walking home. I started chatting with two co-eds and convinced them to go to the Brown Jug with me. They proceeded to order an obnoxious amount of food, then went to the bathroom . . . and never came

back, leaving me sitting there by myself with loads and loads of food coming out and a humongous bill. I proceeded to eat and eat and eat . . . and then, toward the end, the table collapsed onto my legs through no fault of my own. The manager came rushing over, apologizing, and waived all charges. I was pretty stoked.

The plan was then to go to Good Time Charley's, at least one other bar, and Pinball Pete's. I told the kids I could NOT have a replay of the Detroit bar hop last October, which handicapped me for most of the following day. Hopefully, I'm sitting alert at my conference while you're reading this.

(With any luck, the authors of the book imaged above will read this entry and then write, 102 Things You Didn't Know About Ann Arbor.)