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Friday's "Brews" You Can Use

We weren't going to post any drinking news today, in light of Good Friday, but we find this story fascinating, mostly because we know very little about this type of drink. Switzerland has legalized absinthe, the green alcoholic drink that supposedly drove people mad before being outlawed about one hundred years ago. Van Gogh was rumored to have cut-off his ear while under the influence of the "Green Fairy." It supposedly has hallucinatory qualities.

According to this article, absinthe "Is enjoying a revival with rock stars, jet-setters and in trendy urban bars lured by its old world glamour, wild reputation and the drinking rituals associated with it."

Rock stars? That's no endorsement. For them, it's a performance enhancer. Maybe Ozzy would've bitten off the heads of two bats if only he had the Green Fairy.

We know G.K. Chesterton–the beer and wine loving journalist at the turn of the century and one of the most prolific and wise writers of all times–tended to frown on it, so we have concerns, but we're not condemning it or applauding it until we know more. If anyone has drank absinthe, has any first-hand experiences with it, or knows much about it, we'd love to hear from you.

Aside: Modern Drunkard Magazine ran a first-hand account of an absinthe binge. LINK