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Brews You Can Use

The Spring Flurry continues. Not much time for blogging this morning. Just a few items:

Our President and Pope tweet . . . and gas stations hold wine tastings. Nothing is sacred any more, not even grime.

I never really thought of it, but I suppose this guy is right: "The bartender is the only person in the place whom everyone must obey. While the owner can set policy, it's the bartender who makes the decisions on the ground: who gets served first, who gets the good pours, who gets cut off. The bartender is the only one who can claim the authority to set the volume level. The bartender gives and the bartender takes, so the bartender will be obeyed."

The article is really a screed against loud talking, which I agree with. I still stand by my rule of thumb: the louder the person, the dumber the person. There's an inverse corollary between loudness and intelligence. Yes, I run into exceptions (the smart person who is simply a bore, for instance), but as a general rule, I think it holds.