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**Transplanting lettuce was rough. The plugs were too wet so they kept falling apart, and it was back-breaking work. I got 26 into the ground. If 20 survive, I'll be content. I'm letting the others dry out. I'm hoping to plant at least 30 more tomorrow.

**A TDE reader writes: "I also refused to take statins after researching them ”“ I am taking Red Yeast Rice capsules as a substitute." I'd never heard of Red Yeast Rice, but I offer it for what it's worth.

**Trump is tackling welfare. We need to eliminate all welfare. The effective marginal rate on welfare recipients is alarming. It's no wonder they don't want to work. By the time a low-wage worker pays Social Security and Medicare taxes (7.65%), plus state and federal income taxes (15%ish), and then loses, say, $200 a month in benefits, you're probably looking an effective marginal rate of 35% or more on a person earning less than $500 a week.

**And the mere fact that food stamps can be used on fast food is a testament to the great fraud that is big government.

**The best piece of the last couple of months: Whatever the Left Touches It Ruins. A must-read.